Pet Health Care – A Beginner’s Guide to Caring For Guinea Pigs

Before you bring home your new guinea pig, it’s very important to arm yourself with some vital pet health care information, so that you can be sure you’re giving your pet the best care possible, allowing it a long, happy and healthy life.

Pet health care is as important as our own health care because pets quickly become a part of the family, needing looking after just like the rest of us. It is very important to make sure your pet has somewhere to live before he comes home with you.

Guinea pigs need a nice big hutch so that they have room to run around and play; they should also be given some time outside of their hutch everyday to play, perhaps in a run, so that they can get exercise to keep them happy and healthy and to stop them from getting too fat, which could make them ill. The hutch should be kept somewhere in the shade so that they don’t get too hot. In the Winter the hutch should be put somewhere a little warmer such as inside the garage.

When your pet is ready to go to sleep, a very important part of pet health care is making sure he has a warm bed. Guinea pigs like to sleep on straw or wood shavings, which then can snuggle right down in and you should make sure you remove wet bedding daily and put new bedding in. The guinea pig’s hutch should be cleaned out carefully once a week.

Good pet health care means giving your animal good food. Guinea pigs need to eat lots of hay and grass, but you should also give them special food from the pet shop. You can give your guinea pig some vegetables as a treat, but always make sure he has clean water to drink; you can buy a bottle from the pet shop for him to drink from.

Remember that if your guinea pig seems ill he will need to see a vet. You might be able to tell something is wrong if he starts to eat less than normal and loses weight, or if he becomes less friendly than normal and doesn’t like being held. Vets are experts in pet health care and will be able to help you keep your guinea pig happy and healthy.

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